The First Nations Health Council (FNHC) is pleased to host Gathering Wisdom for a Shared Journey IX, taking place May 15-17, 2018 at the Westin Bayshore on Coast Salish Territory in Vancouver.

Event Highlights

  • Keynote speakers to share lessons learned, successes and journeys of healing and Nation rebuilding
  • Ministers for Canada and BC to provide an update on progress to act on their commitments to First Nations in BC
  • Discussion on the success and future of the First Nation health governance structure in BC
  • Discussion on strategies for addressing the social determinants of First Nations health in BC
  • Chiefs will be asked to provide direction on the social determinants of health strategy

Who is Invited and Eligible for Travel Reimbursement

The First Nations Health Council is pleased to invite three (3) representatives from each BC First Nations community:

  1. One Political Lead (eg. Chief or Proxy Designate with Chief’s Approval)
  2. One Health Lead (eg. Health Director, Community Health Representative or Health Portfolio Holder)
  3. One Social Lead with expertise in health and/or social services (eg. Social Development Worker, Social Program Director, Children and Family Worker)

In addition, FNHC invites (1) representative from the following affiliations, and are eligible for travel and accommodation reimbursement:

  • Delegated Aboriginal Agency
  • First Nation Health Service Provider Organization (defined as “a First Nations Umbrella Health Organization which provides health services on behalf of a collective of First Nations communities in the respective region”)

**Important note: a list of approved organizations can be found upon selecting the attendee category from the drop-down options below, and clicking 'Details'.

General Attendance
Gathering Wisdom for a Shared Journey is a sold out event every year. To ensure priority is given to invited delegates, we are unable to offer General Attendance seating. Onsite attendance is limited to invited and pre-registered delegates.

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