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The Interior Region is pleased to host the 2018 Regional Caucus Session at the Coast Capri in Kelowna.

This will be a three-day forum for Chiefs, Leaders, Health Directors and Health Leads to talk about health services, mental health, and the social determinants of health.

All interested participants must register in advance to guarantee a seat. Travel reimbursement eligibility and booking processes can be found on the Travel page. Registration deadline is Friday, October 26th at 5:00pm

Please note breakfast and lunches are provided daily.

DAY 1 November 14, 2018 - Pre-Caucus Technical Advice Process Day - First Nations Health Directors Association (FNHDA):
The FNHA and FNHDA would like to invite all members of the FNHDA to attend the FNHA/FNHDA Day as we work in Partnership towards Quality Health Services.

This Pre-Caucus Technical Engagement Day will focus on community health and wellness planning, and will feature in-depth training and best practices

Health Directors should prioritize attendance during this day. Chiefs are welcome to attend if time allows.

DAY 2 November 15, 2018 - First Nations Health Council (FNHC) Day:
The First Nations Health Council will update Chiefs and Political leaders on progress towards a ten-year strategy on the Social Determinants of Health, with a focus on mental health and wellness. Leaders will have the opportunity to provide input and plan from a Nation-based perspective.

Chiefs are requested to prioritize attendance during this day. Technical staff are welcome to attend.

Day 2 Evening – First Nations Health Council (FNHC): New Leadership Orientation Dinner
The First Nations Health Council will be hosting a dinner for newly appointed or elected Chiefs and/or Political Leads to be oriented to their role and the role of the FNHC in the First Nations Health Governance structure.

DAY 3 November 16, 2018 - First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) Day:
The First Nations Health Authority will provide information and engage on key priorities, including the annual report and audited statements

Chiefs are requested to prioritize attendance during this day. Technical staff are welcome to attend.

Who is invited and eligible for travel reimbursement?
Three (3) representatives are invited from each community:
  1. One Political Lead (e.g. Chief, Councillor, Proxy)
  2. One Health Lead (e.g. Health Director, Health Manager)
  3. One Technical Lead with expertise in health and/or social services (e.g. Social Development Worker, Social Program Director, Children and Family Lead)
  4. One (1) Delegated Agency (DAA) Representative per agency. This representative is eligible for travel reimbursement.

The above attendees are eligible for travel reimbursement. Travel claim forms can be downloaded on the Travel page and will be available onsite at the event.

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