The FNHA invites representatives from BC First Nation communities and partners working in or leading in the area of mental health and wellness to join us for the Mental Health & Wellness Summit, a two-day event taking place February 7-8, 2018 at the Westin Bayshore, Vancouver.. The summit and its event themes are driven by provincial and regional priorities and aimed at improving mental health and wellness outcomes. This will be an opportunity to come together, exchange knowledge and engage in authentic conversations about your realities - what is working for your communities and what do we need to work on together to address challenges in mental health and wellness for our people?

Mental health and wellness has been clearly identified as a top priority by and for First Nations in BC. Much good work is already underway in this area and this is an opportunity to come together with other First Nations and individuals who are already pursuing healing journeys that are supported by a combination of Aboriginal and Western approaches to mental health and wellness.

The Summit will bring together First Nations communities and partners to facilitate knowledge exchange on promising and wise practices that incorporate culturally relevant and holistic ways of healing.

This event will also be an opportunity to interact with mental wellness practitioners and academics at the local level from within British Columbia, but also on the national and international levels. Other event highlights include:
  • Learn about solutions to the common challenges of building healthy First Nations communities.
  • Find out about administrative tools and other interventions such as local harm reduction policies and workplace mental health programs that you can implement to build a healthy community.
  • FNHA will highlight the latest developments in its program and policy work, as well as its approach to mental health and wellness, which is grounded in a First Nations perspective.
  • Event themes include mental health and wellness, trauma, the opioid crisis that has affected so many of our communities, and some interactive session topics will include: as land-based healing, community responses to sexual abuse, FASD, youth mental health, and many more.

  • Registration Deadline: Friday, January 26, 2018 at 5:00pm
    Ensure to register by the deadline to guarantee your seat and hotel room. After this date, registration cannot be guaranteed.
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