Sorry, the event you are registering for is currently full.

Thank you for your interest in the Indigenous Perspectives on Repatriation: Moving Forward Together symposium in Kelowna. Your interest in the symposium is an encouraging reflection of the commitment of British Columbians to guiding and advancing repatriation efforts in BC.

Due to the size of our venue, we are not able to register everyone who has expressed interest in attending.

If you have any further questions or concerns please email or call 604-646-3572


Due ​to ​space ​limitations, ​we ​are ​asking ​that ​those ​interested ​in ​attending ​the ​Symposium ​complete ​the ​following ​application. ​First ​priority ​will ​be ​given ​to ​delegates ​who ​represent ​a ​First ​Nations ​government, ​cultural ​centre ​or ​heritage ​organization ​and ​to ​those ​currently ​working ​on ​repatriation ​initiatives. ​We ​aim ​to ​achieve ​broad ​representation ​from ​First ​Nations ​throughout ​the ​province, ​and ​will ​select ​delegates ​based ​on ​region. ​Cultural ​practitioners, ​scholars ​and ​museum ​and ​archives ​professionals ​are ​also ​encouraged ​to ​apply.

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