10th Annual AB Water Safety Conference

Edmonton, Alberta
Tuesday, October-01-19

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Pre-Conference: Sunday Sep. 29th & Monday, Sep 30th, 2019
*Pre-Conference sessions will be taking place at Derrick Golf & Winter Club and The Canadian Red Cross Office (for PFAI Only), Edmonton, AB.

Please note that all pre-conference sessions are free of cost except for Psychological First Aid Instructor (PFAI).


Psychological First Aid Instructor (2-Day Course)  (details)
The use of Psychological First Aid in supporting the psychosocial wellness of communities is a top priority. Individuals suffering from high stress levels, burnout and suicidal thoughts (and actions) are at an all-time high in areas such as workplaces, schools, indigenous communities and among professional responders.

The Red Cross Psychosocial Wellness Program broadens the focus of training from a crisis-centred approach to one of resiliency-building, which is more effective at improving outcomes for individuals and others in their care. The program uses the latest evidence-based research, with case-based learning that focuses on self-care, personal protection, loss, trauma and stress. The Red Cross Psychosocial Wellness Program also supports and complements other existing wellness education programs.

Psychological First Aid Instructors support the Red Cross Psychological First Aid Program through the delivery of our Psychological First Aid course. Candidates will develop competencies in facilitating case-based learning, and how to support learners in understanding a resiliency-building approach to psychosocial wellness.

Participants in this course will be required to complete the following:
  • Fundamentals of Instruction Online course prior to Oct 1st-participants will be sent a link to the program in September
  • Attend and complete the in class training on Oct 1st
  • Post course requirements (a co-teach may be assigned) as per the Instructor Trainer
Graham Scott has been an Instructor Trainer for First Aid and Professional Responder programs since 2009. Recently adding Psychological First Aid Instructor Trainer to his credentials in 2018, he has enjoyed facilitating Psychological First Aid Instructor courses through Alberta and BC.

Add to calendarSunday, September-29-19 9:00 AM - Monday, September-30-19 5:00 PM (Mountain Time)
Location: Canadian Red Cross Office, Edmonton AB

Suspected Opioid Overdose Workshop for General Public & Naloxone Administration Training - Session 1  (details)
Opioid overdose from prescription and illicit drugs is an important emerging public health issue. Overdose deaths related to prescription and illicit opioids, and potent synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, have risen sharply across Canada in recent years. In March 2016, in response to the significant increase in opioid-related deaths, Health Canada removed naloxone (Narcan®) from the Prescription Drug List. This allowed for emergency use naloxone to be available without a prescription. In 2016, naloxone also became available to the general public through various programs across Canada for use in suspected opioid overdoses prior to arrival of EMS personnel. The overarching goal for this workshop is to prevent death and disability by recognizing, accessing help and providing care for suspected opioid overdoses.
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Location: Derrick Golf & Winter Club

Suspected Opioid Overdose Workshop for General Public & Naloxone Administration Training - Session 2  (details)
Opioid overdose from prescription and illicit drugs is an important emerging public health issue. Overdose deaths related to prescription and illicit opioids, and potent synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, have risen sharply across Canada in recent years. In March 2016, in response to the significant increase in opioid-related deaths, Health Canada removed naloxone (Narcan®) from the Prescription Drug List. This allowed for emergency use naloxone to be available without a prescription. In 2016, naloxone also became available to the general public through various programs across Canada for use in suspected opioid overdoses prior to arrival of EMS personnel. The overarching goal for this workshop is to prevent death and disability by recognizing, accessing help and providing care for suspected opioid overdoses.
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Location: Derrick Golf & Winter Club

Psychological First Aid  (details)
Psychological First Aid (PFA) describes a compassionate, understanding response to a fellow person’s suffering and who may need support.  We all have strengths and abilities to help cope with life’s trials. However, some people are particularly vulnerable in a crisis situation and may need extra help. This includes people who may be at risk or need additional support because of their age, their mental or physical capabilities, or because of their work and professional responsibilities.

PFA involves the following concepts:
  • assessing needs and concerns 
  • actively listening to people, but not pressuring them to talk 
  • comforting people and helping them to feel calm 
  • providing non-intrusive practical care and support 
  • helping people connect to information, services and social supports 
  • protecting people from further harm
Helping responsibly involves four main points: 
  • Respect safety, dignity and rights
  • Be aware of other emergency response measures 
  • Adapt what you do to take account of the person’s culture 
  • Look after yourself
Caring for yourself and your colleagues: 
  • Preparation to assist and support 
  • Managing stress: Healthy work life balance 
  • Rest and reflection
These are just some of the topics and areas of learning that will be offered through participation in this course.  The course will be geared towards the conference participants that register for the PFA sessions and have practical cases based on hoarding, depopulation events, worker negative response incidents and frontline trauma situations.  The aim is to enhance the education in the workforce around colleague mental health, self-care and how to create a positive working environment and a culture of care.

Join us in this progressive area of training and make your workplace better.

Christine Kay as many Canadian children, spent much of her summers at the local outdoor pool, this is where her love for the water began.  Little did she know the impact those experiences would have in her life.  Fast forward to her first summer out of high school, she began taking her Water Safety Instructor and National Lifeguard courses in hopes of getting a fun, active part time job.  It was during her time in these courses that she was lucky enough to have instructors who would reignite her love for the water and encourage her to share that passion with others.  Over the last ten years working at the TransAlta Trileisure Centre, Christine has grown from a Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard to a full time Aquatics Shift Leader, Youth Leader, Water Safety Instructor Trainer and now Psychological First Aid Instructor.  She strives to deliver the same excellence in instruction that so positively influenced her life and hopes that she too can inspire others through her dedication and enthusiasm

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Location: Derrick Golf & Winter Club

WSI Skills Evaluation (for WSIT-R)  (details)
This in-pool session will be available for those Water Safety Instructors Trainers looking to recertify their WSIT during the conference and have not had the opportunity to complete their WSIT Skills Evaluation.
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Location: Derrick Golf & Winter Club

Pool Lifeguard Transfer  (details)
This transfer course allows NL- Pool Lifeguards or American Red Cross – Pool Lifeguards to transfer to Canadian Red Cross Pool Lifeguard Certification.

  • A current Standard First Aid with CPR-C or equivalent
  • Current within 5 years, either a National Lifeguard (NL) Pool Certification or American Red Cross Lifeguard Pool Certification
Jared Dick is currently employed as the Aquatic Coordinator with the City of Beaumont.  Jared has been in aquatics for 10 years and has always been eager to learn and develop his skills as a leader and instructor with the Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society. Working at various facilities through the years, Jared has grown immensely with the help of various amazing mentors.

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Location: Derrick Golf & Winter Club

Day 1: Tuesday, Oct 1st, 2019  

Registration - Day 1  
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Opening Remarks  
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Networking  (details)
This interactive networking session is led by the conference committee to get us all up mixing and mingling
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Impacting Others - Lesley Anderson  (details)

Words have the power to build people up, break people down, connect strangers, share ideas, instill beliefs and inspire those around us. Every one of use impacts so many others throughout our lifetime. Without thought this impact may unintentionally have unwanted results. Whether you may land up in front of your town council, presenting at a conference or recruiting staff, learning how to craft a talk to any one person or to a full audience that will leave a memorable and motivating impact is an essential skill.

Lesley Anderson has a true passion for trying to find ways to have a positive impact on others. Over the years she has done this through her roles as staff manager, Master Trainer, coach, professional Facilitator and public speaker. Lesley has spoken across the country on topics such as Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service, Connecting Staff, Working in Teams, Conflict Resolution and working with “new” generations. She is never content with “pat” answers and is always curious about the human disposition. In fact, she loves to people watch to see what makes us tick. In a couple of instances that has gotten her into a bit of a pickle.... feel free to ask her about it. 

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Chicken Alfredo, Vegetables & Salad  (details)

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (Mountain Time)

CRCS Program Update - Kevin Paes  (details)

Join Kevin Paes to learn all that is new and exciting in the world of Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety from the past year and looking into the next. 
Kevin Paes - His career with the Canadian Red Cross began in 1990 as a volunteer helping develop and promote the water safety programs. In his current position of Manager, Swimming and Water Safety Training Partner Development with the Canadian Red Cross, he oversees water safety training and growth nationally.

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Get Er Done - Paula Thulin  (details)

How to get your staff to Get ‘er’ done! Identify the problems that are hindering your staff ability to get things done in the day. Look at what the root of the problems are, determine what the best solution is and develop an action plan to implement the solution. We will look at some case studies of what is hindering staffs ability to get their work done. Then through some facilitated group work we will see if we can identify the root the problem in each case study. From there we will work together to determine some great solutions and then finish off with some dynamic action plans that the group will walk away with to put into action back at their organizations.

Paula Thulin is from Delta, BC and has worked in Aquatics for the past 23 years. During her career she has been an Aquatic Centre Supervisor for Delta, Red Cross Master Instructor Trainer and a Red Cross Water Safety Ambassador. Paula has worked on many committees over the years including the Lower Mainland Aquatic Program Development Meeting, Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Trainer Recerts and the Red Cross Aquatic Programmer Course. Paula has also participated in the Red Cross China Water Safety initiative that brought the water safety message to two provinces in China.

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Culture By Design - Josh Koke  (details)

Join Josh as he cuts through the buzz words and focuses on the real, tangible impact that organizational culture has on creating strong workplaces. Learn how to identify and diagnose your workplace culture and explore the way in which values, rituals, heroes, behaviors, and attitudes impact how your team works every day. Josh believes that all workplaces have a culture and that you can choose to have a culture by design or end up stuck with a culture by default.

Joshua Koke is a national learning and management speaker who believes in bringing sound, practical solutions to organizations looking to maximize their employee engagement and guest service programs. Josh has spent almost twenty years working in the aquatics field and has spent time as a Master Instructor Trainer and Water Safety Ambassador for Canadian Red Cross, Instructor Trainer for Lifesaving Society of Canada, and is the Program Supervisor for Strathcona County’s Swimming & Water Safety program. In recognition of his deep and abiding dedication, exemplified by the extraordinary contributions Josh has made to our work in drowning prevention, and in appreciation of his ongoing commitment to the community, Josh Koke has been to the Order of Red Cross –Member Level

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Networking Social  (details)

A fantastic opportunity to connect with your fellow Aquatics colleagues on a social level.  Please note this is not a dinner event, however, snack and beverages are available from the menu as this event is being hosted in the Hotel Wine Bar

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Location: Hotel Bar

Day 2: Wednesday, Oct 2nd, 2019  

Breakfast Sandwiches & Fruit  
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The Challenge of Change - Brenda Robinson  (details)

We’ve entered an era of inverse change – things are changing faster than we can keep up with. We’ve been coping and surviving – now we want to actively manage the change we are experiencing. We want to become “change skilled”. Listen, laugh and learn as you review change reactions and replace them with skilled, planned action plans. Find the triple E formula for change: 




Get Ready – Here it Comes – Change! 

Brenda Robinson (www.robcan.ca) is a speaker, trainer, writer and consultant. She has been addressing groups for over twenty years on topics related to communications, humor, laughter, positive working skills and wellness in general. Brenda received her Bachelor of Arts from Brandon University in Brandon, Manitoba (Major in English) and her Masters of Education from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C. in 1998. 

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Day 2 - Concurrent Sessions 1  (details)
Red Cross Lifeguard Program Revision Update - Anne Porteous & Michelle Berkeley
An update on the revisions currently underway to the Red Cross Lifeguard Program, as well as a celebration of the programs 10th anniversary in Canada! Hear from/chat with revision committee members about changes being made as well as get a sneak peak at new resources being developed.

Biofilm & The Social Life of Bacteria - Chirs Biensch
Generally, operators imagine bacteria as single-celled, free-floating entities that rupture and die after bumping into a chlorine compound - not an orderly social colony comprised of multiple species each with their language, capable of complex tasks. Attendees will find out how bacteria communicate with siblings and extra-family proximal others, to defend, grow, share nutrients and attack. Exploring recently related research, session participants will acquire respect for, an understanding of, and the latest strategies for its control and eradication of this cross-industry issue.

Anne Porteous currently works for the Canadian Red Cross as the Subject Matter Expert for the Lifeguard Revision Project.  She has worked in the field of aquatics for over thirty-five years as an Aquatic Programmer with various government organizations in British Columbia. For the past year Anne has worked with the Red Cross Lifeguard Revision Committee to update the current Red Cross Lifeguard program and materials. Anne has been a member on two other National Red Cross Aquatic Committees including the Instructor Development Program and the Swimming and Water Safety Technical Advisory Group assisting in aquatic program development and water safety training. Her commitment to the Red Cross as a Master Instructor Trainer has included opportunities to visit China for three years as part of a Canadian delegation that helped to develop a Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety program in two different Provinces in China. Anne has worked with various community organizations to provide quality, aquatic based programs and services.

Michelle Berkeley has been in the Aquatics Industry for 10 years, but her love of water began at the age of almost 2 with the release of Disney's "The Little Mermaid"! She currently volunteers as a committee member on the Red Cross Lifeguard Revision Committee and previously spent 2 years as a volunteer on the Alberta Red Cross Water Safety Conference committee. Working as the Aquatic Programs Coordinator for the City of Leduc, Michelle develops & implements a wide variety of programs in, on and around the water and she is passionate about delivering the message of water safety in her community and for the Red Cross across the country. Holding certifications as a Lifeguard Instructor Trainer, Water Safety Instructor Trainer and First Aid Instructor, Michelle is passionate about the Red Cross. She is so stoked to take on more opportunities to develop and promote their programs while furthering the mission to improve quality of life by preparing people to make safe choices, increase physical fitness, prevent injuries and act in emergency and rescue situations.

Chris Biensch has been in aquatics for four decades, operating swimming pools across Saskatchewan & Alberta. He holds trainer certifications from the Lifesaving Society for National Lifeguard and Standard First Aid awards, and a Water Safety Instructor Award. His day job is in the Aquatic Strategies area of the City of Edmonton, recently completing a Privacy Impact Assessment for the FOIP office, of the Drowning Prevention Technology system of cameras at the Peter Hemingway Fitness and Leisure Center. Other projects include a complete content overhaul of the Pool Op II Course for AARFP and operator training course development for the mechanical trades in the City of Edmonton.

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  • Canadian Red Cross Lifeguard Program Revisions Update : Michelle Berkeley & Ann Porteous
  • Biofilm & The Social Life of Bacteria - Chris Biensch

Day 2 Concurrent Sessions 2  (details)

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace - Cindy Driscoll
Diversity.  Inclusion. They are more than just words.  They are hard and fast principles that should guide your workplace teams, cultivate leaders and ensure that within your workplace there is a right fit for every person inside your organization.   Let’s explore some activities that will help you as supervisors and managers to enhance your diverse teams and foster inclusive environments.

Swim Alberta – More than Just a Provincial Swim Meet - Kevin Dennis

An overview of Swim Alberta which will include updates to the facility rules required to host competitions. Additional information about facility design, swimmers with a disability, masters swimming and how to form a swim club will be shared. Questions are welcome and appreciated.

Cindy Driscoll
 has been in Aquatics for over 30 years. She now employed with the City of Edmonton as an Aquatic Program Coordinator.  One of her are responsibilities are the Aquatic Safety Educations campaigns which help promote and educate Edmontonians on being safe in, on and around water.

Kevin Dennis is a Sport Development Director for Swim Alberta. He has worked in aquatics as a Swim Instructor, Lifeguard, Swim Coach and Sport Administrator for over 30 years. Currently in his tenth year with Swim Alberta, Kevin oversees provincial competitions, para swimming, facility rules, officials and funding programs.
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  • Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace - Cindy Driscoll
  • Swim Alberta - More than just a Provincial Swim Meet - Kevin Denis

Flatbread Pizza, Wings & Salad  (details)
A chance to spend some time on your mat, to stretch, refresh and reenergize for the rest of your day.  During this half hour session with Michelle she will lead you through a series of Pilates poses, if you’ve never done Pilates before here’s your chance to try something new.
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Day 2 Concurrent Session 3  (details)
Grow your own staff: Lifeguard/Instructor in Training Program - Sheri Mitchell
If you are having trouble finding new staff or feel you are spending the majority of your time training/ orienting new staff, you need to see this presentation! Hear how some facilities are using a volunteer program to train and orient youth about leadership in aquatics from the Swim Kids level to Lifeguards, to Water Safety Instructors. Benefits include having extra shallow water attendants, swim lesson helpers, and extra cleaners! Learn how the program runs in some municipalities and how you might be able to adjust it to meet the needs of your facility.

Legislation’s effect on Facility Operation - Russ Tanner
Many of our students have commented on how our courses have opened their eyes and minds to what they are responsible for as pool operators. Much of this has to do with legislation, building codes and job practices that are developed as a result of these standards and codes. "Ignorance of the law is no excuse and so don't get not knowing what you need to know."

Sheri Mitchell has been a leader in aquatics for the past 15 years. She has held various roles in Nova Scotia, Ontario, BC, and Alberta working on oceanfront, lakes, rivers, indoor and outdoor facilities, both public and private. One of her favorite parts of the job is mentoring youth and helping them become strong leaders through their experience in aquatics.

Russ Tanner is the Immediate Past President for Alberta’s Association for Recreation Facility Personnel. Russ Tanner is currently leading the Recreation & Facility Services departments for the City of Brooks. His team oversees two large leisure centers and the building maintenance of multiple City owned facilities. Russ has overseen the construction of a number of recreation facilities that include pools, arenas, spray parks, athletic fields and most recently a field house. His past experience encompasses an extensive background in leading teams. Russ also enjoys coaching various athletic teams and is an experienced public speaker. His desire is that his passion for sport and recreation is noticeable and contagious.

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  • Grow you own staff: Lifeguard/Instructor in Training Program - Sheri Mitchell
  • Legislation's effect of Facility Operation - Russ Tanner

Day 2 Snack Break 2  (details)

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Day 2 Concurrent Session 4  (details)
Spontaneity, Creativity and Communication through Improv - Shannon Doyle
Laugh while you loosen up those mental muscles in this workshop designed to keep you on your toes. Play with purpose, celebrate success and fail with flair! Healthy learning means enjoying being vulnerable. Improv can help you focus, practice instant forgiveness and hone creative instincts. It can reacquaint you with your inner voice and remind you that beauty isn’t always best. 
Be in-the-moment in this activity-filled workshop.

Water Safety & The Family Dog - Christie Springs
More people are including their dogs in their daily and recreational activities. This presentation covers equipment and safety considerations for canines themselves and things to consider when participating in water sports with dogs. Stories about water incidents with people and dogs, and how those stories tie in with the swim kids lesson content. Things to consider for facilities and staff when hosting a dog-swim event.

Shannon Boyle has been teaching acting and voice for over twenty years in universities, colleges and conservatories such as the BFA Acting program at the University of Alberta,  Lakeland College, The Globe Conservatory Program, the Citadel Theatre Young Companies, the Grant MacEwan University Theatre Arts program as well as in her thriving private studio.
Her teaching covers Improv, Acting, Singing, Dialects and Vocal Health. Organizations frequently request workshops and presentations at which Shannon loves to share her knowledge to foster community spirit, group dynamic, creativity, and team-building through drama and song.
Shannon holds her  Master's Degree in Theatre Voice Pedagogy, a BFA in Acting from U of A, and a BMus in performance.

Christie Springs is an experienced Aquatics Director from Calgary, AB. Her dog Toby is a Guinness World Record holder for being the Fastest Dog In The World To Pop 100 balloons (28.22 seconds)! Toby is an obedience trained show dog and emotional support animal. Christie and Toby have extensive public performance and travel experience together. On the international stage, Toby has performed for both live and recorded commercial television and radio broadcasts. They have performed for Global Television, CBC Radio1 Canada, CTV Morning Live, 770 news radio, Constantine Entertainment - Germany, and Levelar Media - Philadelphia USA

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  • Spontaneity, Creativity & Communication thru Improv - Shannon Boyle
  • Water Safety & The Family Dog - Christie Springs

Show and Tell: Aquatics Style  (details)
Show and Tell; Aquatics Style
A fun Ted talks Style mini show and tell session!  Where the conference goers become the presenters.  You can introduce an idea, challenge our thinking, pose a question or ask for feedback?  You’ll have five (5) minutes to show and tell us anything aquatics.  

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Dinner (Roast Beef or Chicken) & Awards Gala  (details)

Event Details: TBA

Dress Code: TBA

6:30-7:00 PM – Red Carpet and Cocktails

7:00-8:00 PM – Roast Beef Dinner

8:00 PM -Close Awards Ceremony


If you wish to bring your own guests along, there will be an opportunity to purchase additional tickets to the Awards Gala on the next page of the registration.

6:30 PM - 10:00 PM (Mountain Time)

Day 3: Thursday, Oct 3rd, 2019  

French Toast, Eggs, Bacon and Fruit  
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Language, Verbal & Non-Verbal - Lesley Anderson  (details)

Language: Verbal & Non-Verbal – Our Super Powers
Words that are said or sometimes purposefully omitted can have in almost irreversible impact on how we see ourselves and others. They sometimes have the power to haunt us throughout our lifetime without us really knowing it – “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”, “Oh, you got your hair cut”, “She has such a pretty face”. Almost everyone is fascinated and impacted by non-verbal language. So much so that we often make snap judgments of others based on it. Those judgments can predict enormous life outcomes like who we hire or who we ask out on a date. Come and explore how our own verbal and non-verbal language can affect how we think of and act toward others and ourselves 

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Day 3 Snack  (details)

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More than just the Human Knot: Innovative and Fun Team-Building Activities - Kimberly Fraser, Madison Ogg & Ngina wa Kaai  (details)

More than just the Human Knot: Innovative and Fun Team-Building Activities

We all know that an environment that is fun to work in will keep your employees coming back and will help keep morale up. But every now and then things start to slide: complacency sets in, productivity starts to decline, and new staff join the team. Whatever the reason is there are resources and activities that can help bring the team together and restart that fire or keep it burning even stronger. Team building is so important to bring the group together so productivity can increase and they can find a common ground with one another. Through this session you will see some examples of fun team-building activities, you will be able to partake in some activities, and also collaborate and share some new innovative team building strategies with other aquatic professionals. So if you're looking for ideas to boost morale, increase the FUN factor at work or just gather some new ideas, then this is the session for you!!!

For the past 10 years Kim Fraser has been an active member in the aquatic community, working throughout Alberta including, Claresholm, High River, City of Edmonton and her current location with the City of Lacombe as an Aquatic Programmer. Kim has been a volunteer with the Red Cross as an MIT for the past 2 years helping foster the growth and development of new WSIT’s. Among her achievements she has received a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science degree from Northern Arizona University and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science degree from the University of Alberta. She enjoys all things active and strives to impose these beliefs into her 2 young children.
Madison Ogg has been involved in the aquatic industry for nearly 10 years, having worked exclusively for the City of Edmonton, first as an aquatic instructor and now as a facility programmer. As a graduate from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in both French and Spanish translation, Madison strives to create an aquatic environment that is student-centered and inclusive for all. Madison was given the incredible opportunity to become a Master Instructor Trainer with Red Cross and she believes that the privilege to instruct, guide, and train people wherever they may be in their respective swimming journey is also a way for her to share her own true passion for swimming and water safety. Madison loves helping people of all ages ease into a healthy and active lifestyle using her extremely determined ‘make it fun’ attitude.
Ngina wa Kaai has been a swim instructor since 2006, starting off at her hometown pool in Vermilion, Alberta. She started with the City of Edmonton in 2011, became a WSIT in 2013, and is currently serving as a Master Instructor Trainer (Recert Conductor). She was one of the recipients of the Alberta Rookie IT of the Year Award for 2014. Ngina currently works out of Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre in southwest Edmonton but it is not uncommon to see her pop up at many other facilities around the city. In her non-aquatic life, she works as a librarian at NorQuest College in downtown Edmonton

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Aquatic Industry Hot Topics  (details)

Join the Alberta Association of Aquatic Professionals (AAAP) for a facilitated session on hot topics in our industry right now. Each topic will have a moderator and some resources available to attendees. Topics will be taken from popular questions or posts that have come through AAAP’s social media feeds or email. Have a suggestion for a topic? Email admin@aaap.ca with your suggestion.

The Alberta Association of Aquatic Professionals (AAAP) is a provincial organization that supports aquatic industry professionals and facilities. The organization is led by experienced aquatic professionals with a desire to serve and improve the industry. AAAP envisions a province where facilities and individuals come together to support each other, share information and form an influential body. AAAP’s goal is to support aquatic facilities, their managers and staff throughout the province of Alberta. We continue to collect information from and provide support to our members, other related agencies, government and industry to influence standard industry practice and positive change within Alberta’s Aquatic Industry.

Within the Province of Alberta, AAAP aims to

  • Support injury and drowning prevention
  • Influence change related to Aquatics
  • Offer support to the aquatic industry using aquatic expertise and establishing common industry standards
  • Prepare independent recommendations to professionals, industry partners, and government
  • Encourage and support consistency in practices across the province
  • Support aquatic facilities, managers, operators, programmers and staff
  • Provide a central hub for industry information
  • Promote professional ethics
  • Recommend and influence industry regulations for Alberta which (that) support industry stakeholders

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Greek Skewers, Salad, Pita and Hummus  
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Making Sense of Mindfulness - Keith Macpherson  (details)

In this dynamic presentation and workshop, Mindfulness Coach, Keith Macpherson demystifies the meaning and practice of mindfulness and offers concrete and practical tools and strategies to apply mindfulness to one’s everyday life. One can expect to gain a deeper awareness into how to de-stress, reclaim a proper work-life balance and live the life they are imagining through Keith’s five step framework towards a more mindful and fulfilling life. Keith integrates music, movement and group interaction into his presentations to ensure a dynamic learning environment that will support the projected outcomes and assist the participants in experiencing personal growth. Discover what has been stopping you from living a mindful life and expect to come away with a new outlook on how you can truly convert stress and burnout into successful inner peace and balance. 

Expected Outcomes:

        - A deeper understanding of Mindfulness practice and how to apply it to everyday life.
 - Tools, exercises and strategies to de-stress and relax.
 - An understanding of what is blocking you from the life you are imagining for yourself.
 - An introduction to meditation techniques and breathing exercises.
 - Learn new strategies for finding a work-life balance.
 - Integrating and understanding the mind-body-soul connection.
 - Learn tools and techniques to de-stress and re-focus.

Keith Macpherson has a big vision. He believes that mindfulness can and will be made accessible to everybody on the planet. As an author, speaker, and trained life coach through CTI (The Coaches Training Institute) along with a Bachelor of Education degree, Keith is poised to be a global leader in the workplace culture, improving overall mental health and wellness. 
In his new book, Making Sense of Mindfulness, Keith introduces his five step framework to assist the masses in comprehending the buzz word “mindfulness” and how to practically integrate this powerful practice into day to day life. Aside from his work in mental health, Keith is also known for his work as a professional musician, most notably being a top finalist on the hit television series, Canadian Idol.  
As a professional speaker, Keith has spent over twenty years touring globally in countries including Canada, The United States, Mexico, Africa, Dubai and The United Kingdom. He has recently worked with companies including The Good Life Fitness Corporation, Great West Life, MIG Insurance, International First Aid, St. Amant Centre, Rancho La Puerta, Manitoba Canola Growers, and The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. Most recently his new book, Making Sense of Mindfulness was named a top pick by Elevated Existence Magazine (New York) and a best seller at McNally Robinson.
He is currently a regular columnist in The Balance Magazine and inspires thousands of people around the world with his daily intentions on social media. 

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Committee Feel Good Wow  
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D3 Wrap-Up  
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