The XIV Biennial Meeting of the Child Vision Research Society

Waterloo, Ontario

The XIV Biennial Meeting of the Child Vision Research Society

Monday, June 17th, 2013 to Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

CVRS 2013 Programme Outline
(printable version)

Monday, June 17th
School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of Waterloo




8.00 am



9.00 am

Susan J. Leat

Welcome and Introductions

  Paul Murphy, Director, School of Optometry & Vision Science Welcome 

9.15 am

Susan Cotter, Professor, Southern
California School of Optometry

Keynote "The Multi-Ethnic Pediatric Eye
Disease Study: Implications for Clinical Practice”
          Sponsored by Good-Lite


Session A: Refractive Management.
Moderator; Kathryn Saunders

10.05 am

Vivian M.W. Wong

Longitudinal Follow-up of Infants with Significant Refractive Error at 3-5 Months of Age

10.25 am

Susan J. Leat

Symptoms and their Optometric Correlates Among Children with Hyperopia in a University-Based Optometry Clinic

10.45 am

E Eugenie Hartmann

Relationship Between Patient Baseline Characteristics and Monocular Grating Acuity at 12 Months in the Infant Aphakia Treatment Study (IATS)


Poster Session 1 (Odd numbered posters) and Refreshments


Session B: Amblyopia 1. Moderator; Deborah Giaschi

12.00 pm

Rana Arham Raashid

Short-term Saccadic Gain Adaptation in Amblyopia

12.20 pm

Ewa Niechwiej-Szwedo

The Effect of Amblyopia on the Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Saccadic Eye Movements

12.40 pm

Rajkumar Nallour Raveendran

Microsaccades in Strabismic Amblyopes with Ocular Alignment and Binocular Summation

1.00 pm

Lunch, networking and posters


Session C: Visual Perception and Reading Disability; E. Eugene Hartmann

2.00 pm

T. Rowan Candy

Remembrance of past Pediatric Vision Researchers

2.15 pm

Cathy Williams

Pragmatic Normative Data for Tests of Visual Perceptual Function in Primary School Children

2.35 pm

Rebecca A Lundwall

Visual Attention: Longitudinal Associations in Infants & Children

2.55 pm

Teri Lawton

Improving Magnocellular Function in the Dorsal Stream Remediates Reading Deficits

3.15 pm

Refreshment break


Session D: Visual assessment. Moderator; J. Margret Woodhouse

3.45 pm

Anna O’Connor

Testing Vision Testing

4.05 pm

Sarah Kalwarowsky

A Novel Colour Discrimination Test Suitable for Children with Low Vision

4.25 pm

Hélène Verbunt

Crowding, What’s in a Name?

6.00 pm

Evening Dinner Event, University Club, University of Waterloo

Tuesday, June 18th
School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of Waterloo

9.00 am

Daphne Maurer, Professor,
Department of Psychology,
McMaster University

Keynote “Critical Periods Re-examined:
Evidence from Children Treated for Congenital Cataract”


Session E: Amblyopia 2. Moderator; Deborah Jones

9.50 am

Maria Fronius

Declining Efficiency of Electronically Monitored Amblyopia Treatment Between Age 5 and 16 Years:  Insight into Plasticity of the Visual System?

10.10 am

Deborah Giaschi

Motion Perception Deficits and Occlusion Therapy for Amblyopia

10.30 am

Sonia Toor

Aniso-Accommodation in Anisometropic Amblyopia

10.50 am

Poster Session 2 (Even numbered posters) and Refreshments 
                                     Sponsored by Richomond Products


Session F:  Binocular Vision. Moderator; William Bodier

12.00 pm

T. Rowan Candy

The Role of Heterophoria and its Adaptation in Typically Hyperopic Infants and Children

12.20 pm

Eric Seemiller

The Retinal Information Available to Drive Vergence Eye Movements During Early Development

12.40 pm

Anna Horwood

Does – And How Does -  Vision Therapy (Orthoptic Treatment) Work?

1.00 pm

Lunch, networking and posters
                                   Sponsored by Cooper Vision


Session G: Visual Assessment 2. Moderator; Susan Cotter

2.00 pm

Amithavikram Hathibelagal

Validation of Remote Gaze Tracking for Measuring Infant Visual Acuity

2.20 pm

John Lowery

Comparison of Acuity Measures Between Teller Acuity Cards, Lea Symbols, Lea Numbers Low Vision Book and Pacific Acuity Test in Children with Visual Impairment

2.40 pm

Nadia Northway

A Validation of iSight app in Pre-School
Vision Screening

3.00 pm

Refreshment break


Session H: Ocular Disorders and Disease.  Moderator; Benjamin Backus

3.30 pm

Carol Westall

The Role of Visual Electrophysiology Testing in Pediatric Early Onset Horizontal Nystagmus (EOHN)

3.50 pm

Ananthavalli Kumarappah

Association Between ERG Associated Vigabatrin Toxicity and Subsequent Visual Field Reduction

4.10 pm

Wylie Tan

Spatial Findings of Neuro-Retinal Damage in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes

4.30 pm

Laura Finkelberg

Cone Density is Nasal vs. Temporal Retina in Adolescents and Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes

5.00 pm


Group Photograph

5.15 – 6.00 pm


CVRS Business Meeting
(open to all those interested in the future of CVRS)

7.00 pm

Optional dinner at Bauer Kitchen, Waterloo

Wednesday June 19th
Daniels Hollywood Theatre (Room 1246), The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

7.30 am Bus from Waterloo to Toronto (for those travelling by bus from Waterloo to Toronto)

10.00 am


10.30 am

Carol Westall


10.35 am

Dave Saint-Amour, Professor,
Department of Psychology,
Université du Québec
à Montréal

Keynote “ Binocular vision processing: From integration to suppression”

     Sponsored by Essilor Canada


Session I: Amblyopia 3. Moderator; Carol Westall

11.25 am

Robert Hess

A New Binocular Treatment for Amblyopia

11.45 am

Benjamin T. Backus

Use of Dichoptic Random Dot Kinematograms to Measure Suppression in Adult Amblyopes

12.05 pm

Eileen Birch

Binocular iPad Treatment for Amblyopia

12.30 pm

Lunch and networking


Session J: Visual Development. Moderator; Eilleen Birch

1.30 pm

Eliza Burton

Development of Global Form, Motion and Biological Motion Processing in Patients with Congenital Achromatopsia

1.50 pm

Terri L. Lewis

The Development of Sensitivity  to the Direction of Motion

2.10 pm

Valldeflors Vinuela-Navarro

The Effect of Different Motion Paradigms on
Smooth Pursuit Performance in Children

2.30 pm


Announcement of Poster competition winners and poster presentations

2.50 pm

Refreshment break


Session K: Prematurity and Vision

3.10 pm

Daphne L McCulloch

Post-Natal Retinal Development in Very Low Birth Weight Infants Enrolled in a Randomised Controlled Trial of Early High Dose Vitamin A

3.30 pm

C.J.A. Geldof

Visual Sensory and Perceptive Functions in Very Low Birth Weight Children

3.50 pm

Catriona Macintyre-Beon

Perceptual Visual Dysfunction in Children Born Prematurely:  Common But Easily Missed

4.10 pm

Anna & Barbora Zobanová 

Presentation of CVRS 2015 in Prague

4.20 pm

Susan Leat

Closing remarks

4.30 pm



Poster Presentations & Abstracts outlined in
printable version of Programme 


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