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Each day the most active brands throughout the globe rely on RegOnline to power their events.

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Industry-Best Customer Satisfaction

RegOnline has been consistently ranked among the top 10% in the world for the popular Net Promoter Score rating for customer satisfaction. We maintain these high standards through a simple belief that our success is based completely on the success and satisfaction of our clients. We routinely go out of our way to provide the best tools for our clients. Our technology is powerful and easy to use. Our registration forms are praised by your attendees. And our support is always US-based and always free. We spend a lot of time listening to our thousands of customers, and when you use our product you'll see the results.


"The software was a great balance between what was customizable and what was hard wired. Essentially, once you set up your event, you will be stress free."
- Peter Walker, Executive Assistant, BGCC National

"We really wanted to emphasize the power of social media and needed a unique platform to showcase it. We discovered Pathable first and then realized how easy it would be to register attendees with the integration with RegOnline. It made sense"
- Bob Etheridge, Conference Manager, SocialMediaPlus

"Everything can be managed so much better with the RegOnline and Pathable integration. Plus, the innovative technology sets us apart from our competitors—providing value for the entire lifecycle of our events is something we'll always be interested in."
- Ken Bauco, Conference Director, BNA Events

"For the system itself, we needed it to be accessible, easy to use and affordable. Active had the bells and whistles and was reasonably priced."
- Patrice Johnson, Resource Development Unit, University of Minnesota Extension

"The RegOnline team was efficient from all sides: sales, implementation, support, training and development. The full package is fabulous. The amount of detail that goes in to the product from all aspects of the company shows as they are always there for the customer. Any type of problem resolution happened quickly and efficiently. I'm very impressed!"
- Ellen Perry, Sr. Associate Director, University of Chicago Alumni Department

"In short, I am extremely pleased with RegOnline and if ever asked "would I select them again?" I would answer "yes". I am happy to recommend RegOnline to any Rotary group. It's clear to me that the team at Active Network definitely gets it!"
- Gary Fletcher, Chair, District Event Resource Team, Rotary District 5450 Colorado

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Case Studies

RegOnline success stories and more.

In addition to its own research, RegOnline is routinely featured in whitepapers and reports written by leading independent research firms and industry analysts. Below you will find a selection of these reports (registration required).

Boys and Girls Club of Canada
Non-profit uses easy, web-based software to reduce time spent on administrative tasks for its national conferences
Every two years, BGCC holds a national conference for staff and volunteers from all clubs. Approximately 350 people are onsite to share information and resources, attend seminars, and get to know others across the movement. From the conference organizers’ perspectives, it was difficult to manually process hundreds of registrations and payments.

RegOnline Partners with Pathable
SocialMediaPlus and Business News Americas (BNA) Events break new ground by using innovative networking tools at their 2010 conferences
As attendees register for events through RegOnline, they automatically receive an invitation to join Pathable’s social community. Pathable’s easy-to-use, online community and social network helps attendees (and sponsors) meet and communicate with each other before, during and after conferences.

University of California, San Diego Continuing Medical Education
University office relies upon easy-to-use online event technology to manage conferences
The CME office offers conference registration services for approximately 60 educational events each year. Since 2003, UCSD CME has been using Active Network’s RegOnline product to register attendees for each conference and manage the events.

University of Chicago Alumni
The University of Chicago Alumni Department saves time and increases efficiency with a new online registration system
UCA’s previous system was a customized solution that couldn’t do the upgrades and changes that it wanted. Plus, the department built out its Alumni Event form each year; there was no real-time reporting; and users could not extract information from the system. UCA was relying on other individuals to download reports and it was time consuming to pass reports to different individuals in each of the departments. The department needed a better way to get information quickly to its users.

University of Minnesota Extension
Extension division coordinates 50 program teams with online event management software
Prior to choosing Active Network, Extension was using another software vendor who proved to be unreliable and went out of business. Extension started shopping around for other providers. “Our priority was of course to find a company that was stable,” mentions Patrice Johnson of Extension’s Resource Development Unit. “For the system itself, we needed it to be accessible, easy to use and affordable. Active had the bells and whistles and was reasonably priced.” With over 10 years in the industry, Active also had the staying power and dependability Extension was looking for.

University of Colorado School of Medicine
Office of Continuing Medical Education Upgrades to Automated Software for Event Planning Services
Prior to 2008, CME was using its own internal software program to manage events and conferences. The system was ten years old and antiquated, making simple processes tedious. "It was difficult to use," mentions Carolyn Wieber, CME Conference Coordinator. "Even pulling records was impossible." CME also was looking to remove itself from the billing process. Having to handle payments directly incurred risk for the university and required Carolyn and her team to put the office under heavy lock and key, in addition to taking up lots of valuable time. "We wanted the payments to be automatic."

Rotary District 5450 Colorado
District 5450 Rotarians go the extra mile with online registration, event execution and superior client care from RegOnline
Since 1905, Rotary International has brought together business and community leaders, as well as dedicated volunteers from around the world, to help those in need. With over a million members, they are one of the largest service organizations in the world. Gary Fletcher is chairman of the District Event Resource Team in Rotary District 5450 in Colorado. He oversees a volunteer group that provides event support for the District Governor. These events range from the annual district conference to the training seminars. Gary needed an online solution that could register attendees online and help him run his event from beginning to end.

The Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival
Canadian festival customizes RegOnline’s event management software to fit its unique needs
The Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival is a tradition that brings people of all ages together to share their love for music and the speech arts. As one of North America’s largest amateur competitive classical music festivals, the Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival gives nearly 11,000 amateur musicians and speech arts performers the opportunity to perform, compete for scholarships, listen to others, and be judged by national and international adjudicators.

University of Washington
The University of Washington selects RegOnline's event management software as preferred online registration system
The UW Conference Management (UWCM) is a division of Educational Outreach at the University of Washington. The Conference Management team has over 50 years of combined experience in the professional management of conferences, symposia, workshops and institutes.

National Union of Students
The NUS has been using RegOnline™ to register attendees for events since 2006.
The flexibility, ease of use and funtionality of the system means we are able to manage registrations and offer our event attendees housing options quickly and easily. Most importantly as our needs have grown so the RegOnline™ system has evolved to meet them. This means we are looking forward to working with the team at RegOnline™ well into the future and our users have been able to become "expert" users; quickly and efficiently setting up and running events via the system.

White Papers

Strategic Thought Leadership from Around the Industry

In addition to its own research, RegOnline is routinely featured in whitepapers and reports and industry analysts. Below you will find a selection of these reports (registration required).

Mobile Technology
Five Ways Mobile Technology is Reshaping Events
Use of mobile applications in the North America and Europe is expected to grow by more than 40% this year, presenting an opportunity and a challenge for event organizers who are increasingly being pushed to adopt mobile technology as part of their event technology mix.

Buy or Build
How to choose the best technology for your organization
As your organization grows, you are challenged with finding smart ways to scale your operations without cutting into revenue. Most people realize very quickly that they need to ditch manual processes and integrate technology solutions to absorb the workload to maintain their standard of efficiency and customer service. That leaves you with two choices: Do you dedicate resources to designing, building and maintaining an in-house software system? Or do you partner with a third-party provider who offers a ready-made solution? Each option has its advantages and disadvantages and it’s important to consider every angle since this is one of the most important, and revenue-impacting, decisions your business will ever make.

8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Registration Process
Simple, yet little-known techniques that will revolutionize your registration process and impress your attendees.
Did you know that your registration process can dramatically impact your attendees? A smooth, comfortable registration process can change the way they look at your organization. It can decrease complications and complaints at your events. It can even lead to higher attendance and lower no show rates. Over the past several years Active Network, Events has invested hundreds of hours into studying how attendees flow through the registration process. We’ve identified what they like and what confuses them.

Rethinking Event ROI: How Technology Can Save Live Events
It's time for associations to face the unfortunate truth; live events have become a poor performing communication channel.
In a digital world defined by flexibility, interactivity and measurable results, most association events remain rigid, impersonal and, let's face it, ineffective. So, no one should have been surprised when events came under fire as the economy dipped. Yet, many organizers were surprised. And the pull back on events was dramatic

Go Online. Go Green.
Greener Options = Better Business
10 Ways to Make Your Meetings Greener with ActiveEvents.

5 New Trends Managing Events Onsite
Connecting with others is easier than ever with today’s technologies. At home, at work, en route—you can reach out to others and be reached essentially anytime, anywhere. And we now have more information about each other than ever before. The events industry in particular is leveraging this accessibility and knowledge. There are some new trends that have emerged in the onsite event management sector that we think you may be interested in.

5 Steps to Marketing a Successful Event
When you work so hard to plan an event, of course you want a great turnout and return on investment. How can you ensure your event will be a hit? It's all about marketing. A campaign that targets and appeals to qualified leads is the first and most important step to event management success. We'll break down key factors that encourage attendee interest and spike event enrollment.

8 Steps to Help Plan Your Next Event

Event management is no easy task—there are a lot of tiny details and big personalities to deal with. We'd like to help lighten your load by offering some suggestions on how to get started and stay organized as you plan your event or conference. Here are the most important steps to remember when managing an event: