TAAFI Art Book 2016

Toronto, Ontario
Friday, April-22-16

TAAFI Art Book 2016

Friday, April-22-16 - Sunday, April-24-16

TAAFI @ The George Brown College Waterfront Campus
51 Dockside Drive
Toronto, Ontario M5A 1B6

Phone: 416-503-1330
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The ​TAAFI ​Art ​Book ​will ​be ​a ​keepsake ​and ​reference ​book ​jam ​packed ​with ​artwork ​by ​artists, ​illustrators, ​students, ​recent ​graduates, ​TAAFI ​2016 ​speakers, ​and ​animation ​arts ​organizations. ​The ​TAAFI ​Art ​Book ​will ​be ​available ​for ​purchase ​by ​attendees ​throughout ​the ​festival, ​and ​will ​showcase ​your ​work ​to ​the ​many ​attendees ​at ​TAAFI ​including ​studios, ​recruiters, ​fellow ​artists, ​potential ​fans ​and ​the ​amazing ​general ​public!

Added ​bonus: ​If ​someone ​misses ​you ​at ​the ​event ​they ​won’t ​miss ​you ​or ​your ​contact ​info ​in ​the ​TAAFI ​Art ​Book. ​It ​will ​live ​on ​as ​a ​reminder ​of ​all ​the ​great ​artists, ​students, ​and ​exhibitors ​that ​took ​part ​in ​the ​best ​year ​of ​TAAFI ​yet!
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