Welcome to online registration for the
 2015 Calgary Performing Arts Festival



1.  Before you start your registration download the syllabus and read it.  It is your responsibility to know all the rules.

2.  Have all the details of the pieces which you are going to perform ready - full name of piece with complete      details such as key signature etc, first and last name of composer, length of time it takes to perform etc.

3.  Click on the Title of the discipline in the list below or on the word Register which is next to it and you will be linked to the discipline in which you want to register.

4. You may register for all classes in one discipline on one registration form.  Call or email the office if you have any questions or changes.  Do not assume that any error you have made will be fixed.

Are you registering in more than one discipline?
For example, if you are going to enter Piano and Vocal, first enter your all your Piano classes  or all of your Vocal classes
and proceed to the checkout. Once you have entered your payment information and been

taken to the Confirmation page you may click on the "CLICK HERE to register in another discipline" button
and you will be brought
back to this screen and then be able to register in  your second discipline. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you clicked on "CLICK HERE to register in another discipline" button in error
close this screen and your online session will end.

Looking for more information on HANDBELLS?
Call the office 403-283-6009 or email info@cpafestival.ca 

When navigating from page to page BE PATIENT as things on some pages may take a little time to load.  
It may appear that nothing is happening - but it is.


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See you at the Festival !!