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Email Invitations Email Invitations

The bottom line is that you want to increase response to your invitations, right? We know how to do it. With our online event software, you can set up, design and send professional email invitations & reminders to your event attendees in a few quick clicks. Personalize and customize messages to include the wording and design that will create a consistent look and feel across your entire event. The emails send automatically and you get clear, accurate reporting and analytics so you know exactly how you’re doing. When you send automatic, personalized, integrated email invitations, you’ll get a response from your attendees—we guarantee it.

  • Automatically send
  • Integrate with registration
  • Report on opens and clicks
  • Upload, manage and segment lists
  • Automatically personalize
  • Easily manage lists
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Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

The best thing you can do for your event is turn your attendees into promoters. Get attendees to spread the word online and drive more participation for your event for you. Social media is the most efficient and affordable way to accomplish this, and it gets results. When you leverage the existing social networks available through RegOnline’s event management solution, you’re encouraging attendees to take your event viral.

  • Promote via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Create buzz with “Like” buttons
  • Display which friends have already registered
  • Allow registrants to invite friends
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Event Websites Event Websites

You don't need a creative team or IT support to have a great event website. You don’t even need to know HTML. RegOnline's easy content management system is less complicated than Microsoft Word. A few clicks and clacks and you have yourself a customized site to promote your event. Plus, it’s simple to make updates and it is optimized to get your site visitors to take action. We've learned a thing or two over the years about what performs best and we’ve made it easy for you to have a professional website that makes your event – and YOU -- look good.

  • Quickly create and manage content
  • Easily customize to match your website or brand
  • Save money on web design
  • Choose from a variety of templates
  • Leverage built-in optimization to rank on search engines
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Custom Theme Design Custom Theme Design

For as long as we can remember, organizers have been asking for an event registration solution that allows them to build themes that make their events look amazing. Some wanted to match materials to their event website, some were required to follow branding standards and some just wanted their forms to look more professional. That kind of customization would normally be costly and require design resources, but not anymore. RegOnline’s Theme Designer offers the most customizable functionality in the industry and it’s incredibly easy. For the first time in the events world, we’ve made this high-end design technology available to everyone. No designers and no big budgets necessary—you get all the good looks, without the hassle.

  • Fully customize pages, including headers, footers, backgrounds, colors, fonts and text
  • Match branding exactly by pasting in your own custom CSS
  • Choose from a library of professionally designed themes
  • Build trust online to increase registrations
  • Create templates to use again and again
  • Create a consistent look and feel across your entire event
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Event Marketing Tools Event Marketing Tools

We've done our homework and we have a few things we’d like you to take advantage of—things we’ve proven make it easier for people to sign up for your events. RegOnline’s event management software contains a suite of event marketing tools and unique access to people who are interested and searching for your events. RegOnline’s event management software contains a suite of event marketing tools and unique access to people who are interested and searching for your events.

  • Online Event Distribution: With RegOnline’s established event distribution channels your events are positioned in front of thousands of potential attendees for maximum exposure. You can easily promote your event throughout the web’s biggest and best event directories, including our own, in just one step. And it’s free.
  • Tracking Links: Create links to track different referral sources so you know where your traffic is coming from on your event website.
  • Button design: Easily create buttons and links for all of your web sites or for partners or affiliates to drive attendees directly to your registration form.
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Online Registration Forms Online Registration Forms

Your online registration form is a crucial aspect of your attendees' event experience. A good form can increase registrations by 20% or more. A bad form can make your attendees very mad. Over the years we’ve spent thousands of hours studying registrants to understand what makes a good form – so you don’t have to worry about it. RegOnline allows you to customize and streamline your forms so more people complete them, simple as that. With our templates, it’s easy to put a lot of questions and information in a small space and the process makes sense to attendees. Our forms are easy, quick and comprehensive for both organizers and attendees.

  • Easily collect any information you need
  • Process payments, including all major credit cards
  • Add unlimited custom questions and registration types
  • Offer group registration and discounts
  • Offer multi-language support
  • Include activities, breakout sessions and agenda items
  • Offer shopping cart functionality
  • Use conditional logic – simple if/then statements make a lot of info easy to access
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On-Site Tools, Kiosks & Badges On-site Tools, Kiosks & Badges

Many event organizers struggle with remaining efficient once they are on-site. It’s invariably hectic and you’re dousing small fires left and right. You can improve your efficiency and preparedness with a few handy on-site tools that are part of RegOnline’s event management solution. These few things can eliminate check in lines, reduce mistakes and make you look good.

  • Mobile Event App
    • Get rid of that big 3-ring binder you lug around. RegOnline gives you access to all event data on your mobile device. All the real-time information on attendees and detailed reports you need will fit in your pocket.
    • Speed up lines by offering attendees the option to check in on their mobiles
  • Badges
    • Create badges easily with a point-and-click design and layout tool
    • Auto-insert attendee info from registration
    • Create different styles to distinguish attendees
    • Print badges in over 20 standard Avery label formats in real-time
  • On-site Registration
    • Automate check in with onsite kiosks for quick check in or registration
    • Handle registration or check in online and print badges onsite
    • Reduce lines and staffing requirements
    • Track who’s onsite, which sessions they’ve attended and who didn’t show up
    • Reduce staff requirements
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Shared/Flexible Reports Shared/Flexible Reports

Like anything else, reports are only useful if they work the way they’re supposed to. Which means they need to give you all the information you need, in the format you want. RegOnline’s event registration software offers both standard and customized reports that are flexible enough to let you combine and collate data in any manner that fits your business needs. Plus, the reports are easy to share. You don’t have to email your boss an excel sheet every day—you can send a web link that provides real-time, current information any time someone clicks on it. RegOnline’s reports provide you, and anyone you want to include, with quick access to all the most important data.

  • Access both standard and custom-built reports
  • Run financial, attendee and cross-event reports
  • Easy to share any information in real time
  • View detailed charts and graphs
  • Integrate with your existing databases
  • Export in PDF, Excel, CSV, Text and XML
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Custom Registration Paths

Like an author of a Choose Your Own Adventure book, you can build several different paths for your audience. Why? Because the more personalized the experience, the better you’re meeting the needs of your attendees – and the more likely those attendees are to register. With RegOnline’s event registration solution, you can build a custom registration path for things like sponsors, exhibitors, members or VIPs to keep varying registration prices and options private, or simply to offer only relevant questions to each group.

  • Build unlimited custom registration paths
  • Create private registration links
  • Streamline questions
  • Improve segmentation and reporting
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Credit Card and Payment Processing Credit Card and Payment Processing

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a one-man-band, RegOnline’s event management solution provides the most secure online payment and data processing in the industry. Our software makes it easy for you to collect money—no merchant account required, no set-up, no applications. And it’s even easier for your attendees with easy ways to enter multiple forms of payment. You can be up and running instantly. But once registration and payment information is submitted, we make it hard on ourselves. We are extremely strict about protecting your data and we take security very seriously, offering you the highest level of data security in the industry – Visa’s exclusive PCI Level 1 Compliance distinction.

  • Accept seven different forms of payment
  • Accept and auto-process all major credit cards
  • Instantly use RegOnline’s merchant account
  • Easily reconcile with detailed financial reporting
  • 100% hacker-safe environment with security checked 3,000 times daily by a 3rd party
  • PCI Level 1 compliance, the industry’s high level of security
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Automated Email Communication Automated Email Communication

It’s time to put down the phone and give your fingers a rest—no more calling or manually typing emails to each of your registrants. Save hours, if not days, of time by automating all communications around your event with RegOnline’s event planning software. And, at the same time, increase the level of engagement with your clients to improve communication, reduce no shows and promote additional activities.

  • Send automated registration confirmations
  • Automate follow ups and reminders
  • Easily communicate changes or promote new activities
  • Easily segment lists and personalize custom merge fields
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Social Networking Community Social Networking Community

Increase engagement before, during and after your event by building an online social community that connects event attendees to sponsors, exhibitors and each other. This creates excitement and improves engagement with your programs, as well as improving the overall experience for your customers.

  • Allow attendees to easily find the people they want to meet
  • Match attendees with each other based on interests and skill set
  • Allow attendees to set up one-on-one meetings and build customer schedules
  • Create a social portal to aggregate all conversations around your event, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
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Event Surveys Event Surveys

Want to know what your attendees are thinking? Short of developing ESP, the best way to know what your attendees are thinking is to ask them. Send out online event surveys immediately after each event or each session to get instant, relevant feedback. You’ll be able to react on the fly and make changes to your event, improving it to suit your attendees and make them happy. Everyone has an opinion and most people like to share it, so use the post event survey tool in RegOnline’s event management solution to better understand the feelings of your attendees and accurately measure and report on the results.

  • Create custom surveys with unlimited questions
  • Send event surveys automatically
  • Integrate surveys into your event—no paper and no excel sheets needed
  • View detailed reports, graphs and charts
  • Make more informed, data-driven decisions about your events
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Lead Retrieval Lead Retrieval

Want to offer more value to your exhibitors? You can help them ask more questions, get more info and eliminate those piles of business cards. As part of our conference registration solution, RegOnline now offers a mobile lead retrieval device to exhibitors at events. Designed to help with lead data capture, lead qualification and sales follow-up processes, the devices capture data quickly and easily. Exhibitors simply need to log in online to get up-to-the-minute access to their leads, while show organizers can estimate the value of the event for organizers.

  • Capture data quickly and easily, synchronizing leads in real-time within a secure website
  • Set up each device with custom questions
  • Offer mobile access
  • Export into Excel or text format
  • Log in online to get up-to-the-minute access to your leads
  • Report on lead data
  • Free to you, the organizer!
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Attendee Directories Attendee Directories

Use RegOnline’s attendee directory solution to promote who is coming to your event to encourage attendees to connect with each other. When you help attendees build relationships, you’ll ensure they have a more productive event.

  • Display a directory of attendees at your event
  • Foster relationship building and peer connections
  • Allow attendees to opt in or remain invisible
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Online Meetings & Virtual Events

Need to set up a pre-event web meeting? Or do you have to schedule a series of virtual meetings to cut costs? With online meeting management software, you can register attendees for digital events with the same platform you use for live meetings. It’s easy, fast and completely integrated.

  • Expand your live event program with virtual meetings
  • Easily integrate with common web meeting platform
  • Process registrations for both live and digital events within one platform
  • Consolidate reporting for all digital and live activities in one place
PRICING details
Pay only when you accept registrations Pricing Details

We’re pretty sure that you don’t have a bunch of money laying around that you’re waiting to blow on an expensive event management solution. In fact, we’re positive you don’t. That’s why we’ve made RegOnline free to try. Go ahead, open an account and enjoy free, unrestricted access to RegOnline’s powerful web-based event management system. You pay ONLY when you accept registrations and not a second sooner. Once registrations start processing, we make it easy because our pricing is crystal clear. And we collect the credit card payments for you, so you can sit back and relax as your revenue piles up. RegOnline gives event organizers one easy price, for one easy solution.

  • Free to sign up
  • One easy price, only $3.95 per registrant
  • No additional fees or hidden costs
  • Connect to an existing merchant gateway or use ours—either way, we’ve got you covered
  • We collect payments on your behalf, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle